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DR Congo Announces End Of Latest Ebola Epidemic

The Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday declared the end of the country’s latest Ebola epidemic, after the outbreak killed 55 people over the past


Over 5000 Deaths: Measles Beats Ebola In DRC

The World Health Organization says cases of measles are continuing to spike globally, with multiple large outbreaks being reported across Africa, Europe, Latin America and


Flooding, Landslides Kill 32 in DRC’s Capital Kinshasa

Flooding and landslides after heavy rains in Congo have left at least 32 people dead in and around the capital, Kinshasa, officials said Tuesday. “The


At least 27 Dead In DRC After Plane Crashes

Disaster struck Democratic Republic of Congo’s aviation sector on Sunday when a small plane crashed into a densely populated neighbourhood in the city of Goma,