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DR Congo Announces End Of Latest Ebola Epidemic

The Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday declared the end of the country’s latest Ebola epidemic, after the outbreak killed 55 people over the past

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Coronavirus: Idris Elba confirms he has tested positive for COVID-19

The actor said he was tested after being exposed to someone else who had a confirmed case of COVID-19. This morning I tested positive for



Passionfruit (a.k.a. Passiflora edulis) is a sweet and seedy tropical fruit. It is slightly oval in shape, with either yellow or dark purple external skin when


How to detect early symptoms of HIV

Most people don’t know right away when they’ve been infected with HIV. But they may have symptoms within 2 to 6 weeks after they’ve gotten


How To Check For Breast Cancer When Pregnant

Breast cancer during pregnancy is rare. But if you find a lump or notice any changes in your breasts that concern you, tell your doctor

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How can you detect marijuana in the body?

Drugs such as alcohol may completely disappear from the body in just a few hours. In comparison, weed lingers much longer. Drug tests can detect

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Health Benefits of Chervil

Chervil scientifically known as Anthriscus cerefolium sometimes called French Parsley, Sweet Cicely, cicily, garden chervil, gourmet’s parsley


Eastern DR Congo Records 20 Ebola Cases In 3 Days

Twenty cases of Ebola have been recorded in three days in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where deadly violence is hampering efforts to end the


Rwanda Starts Vaccination Against Ebola

Rwanda on Sunday started an Ebola vaccinationn activitynat its border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is using a vaccine developed by US


Great Reasons to Eat More Hummus

Hummus is an incredibly popular Middle Eastern dip and spread. It is typically made by blending chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini (ground sesame seeds), olive oil,