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Yusuf Nsibambi, the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change candidate vying for Mawokota South parliamentary seat has announced that he has suspended his campaigns for unspecified days citing interruption of his campaigns by police and other security forces.

Nsibambi said that since he launched his campaigns, Police has made it a habit to interrupt his meetings, tear gas his supporters and sometimes use unreasonable force to disperse his campaign meetings.

On Tuesday this week, Police led by the district police commander, Frank Natamba intercepted a procession by Nsibambi supporters at Lukolo swamp, in Buwama sub-county and dispersed his supporters. Police also used batons and sticks to beat up supporters in an attempt to stop them from proceeding to Sango Parish where Nsibambi was slated to address a campaign meeting.

On Monday while launching his campaigns, his supporters were engaged in running battles with Police in the sub-county of Nkozi and Kituntu. Police had to use teargas and fire stray bullets in the air to disperse hundreds of supporters who were accompanying him in a procession.

Following these incidents, Nsibambi announced he had suspended his campaigns until Police stops interrupting his campaign meetings and also releases all his supporters that were arrested on Tuesday at Lukolo.

This forced the regional Police Commander, Bernad Akankwatsa to call a meeting which was attended by among others the regional Police commander, DPC, regional CID, and other top-ranking officers in the district where it was agreed that all the eleven suspects who were arrested by Police during the clashes with Nsibambi supporters be released.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Nsibambi said he will resume his campaign meetings after Police have fulfilled all they agreed upon in the meeting.

Lydia Tumushabe, the regional Police publicist said Police had to swing into action to stop processions by Nsibambi’s team because they were violating the standard operating procedures that were put forward by the health ministry to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

She added that Police has charged the 11  suspects with malicious damage to police property and also negligent act likely to cause the spread of Covid 19.



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