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Independent presidential candidate, John Katumba has made huge promises to the people of West Nil as to establish an International Airport for the West Nile region in Arua.

Katumba said that the people of West Nile only have road transport yet an international airport and good roads would ease means of transport for the people. He said, besides the airfield and road transport, West Nile deserves an electric train that eases the transport system for the people to conduct business.

Katumba who arrived in Arua on Wednesday evening at around 5:00 pm along Arua – Packwach road was walking while his security police car and personal car followed. He was later joined by youth, women, and children.

His supporters walked for about one kilometer from Awindiri to Arua Central Police station to secure a venue. According to Katumba, he was meant to address his supporters at Arua Police grounds but he was stopped by Police.

At  Arua CPS, Katumba was allowed to access the premises but his supporters were blocked. He was later given a second venue that was promised by the police.

He also promised good and stable electricty to the people because they deserve it and because Arua is a city.



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