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Currently the Central Bank is grappling with Problems that are not about to end.

As the Central Bank grapples with uncertainty about who will replace Dr Louis Kasekende as Deputy Governor Bank of Uganda, we have learnt that the director of Human Resource, Dr. Jan Tibamwenda has landed in hot soup  for vetting his son for a ‘banking officer’ position at BoU.

David Tibamwenda was one the thousands of applicants for the 40 slots recently advertised.

He, together with Agaba Moses Edmond, son the recently retired BoU Deputy Director in the department of procurement, Charles Mwesigwa, have been accused of llegedly lacking the requisite academic qualifications for the said job, which include First Class and Second Upper degrees among others.

However,  director Tibamwenda, who has since said he will retire soon, is adamant and argued that he just supervised the vetting process, which was undertaken by external consultants who administered an aptitude test to all the applicants. The results were then forwarded to his office.

“My son has good marks and his application will be vetted by the external consultant who has been engaged by the BoU. There is no way we can influence things in his favor to just give him a job,” he added. David holds a BBA degree majoring in Marketing from Ndejje University while Agaba holds a degree in social sciences from Makerere University.

Kelvin Kizito Kiyingi, the BoU  deputy director of communications, revealed that BoU advertised 40 vacancies and received 3,641 applicants.

“So the shortlist has not yet been finalized. It is pre-mature to talk about a short list at this time. The Bank of Uganda will make an announcement when the shortlist has been finalized,” he added.

When the question of Bou officials smuggling in their relatives through the recruitment exercise and that some applicants were paying to be given jobs was brought up, Kiyingi said ‘the allegations are unfounded’.

“Bribery is a criminal offense and unacceptable. Whoever is making such allegations should provide evidence to the Police,” Kiyingi stated.

This however comes at time whenBoU officials are being accused of allegedly subjecting all new recruits to the ‘Technical Know-Who’ test before hiring Personnel.


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