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In her new song, Clear, singer Rema Namakula ‘musically’ weighs in on the well-known banter about her love life. Released at the start of the year, the song ostensibly talks about the new episode in her love affairs.
After a publicised break-up with fellow singer Eddy Kenzo that came with the release of intimate pictures for Rema and new lover Hamza Sebunya, hers has been an epic movie-like love story that got watchers on the edge.
At the core of Rema’s move, many speculated, was her uncertainty and insecurity in the relationship with the BET Award winner. Rema Namakula was insecure, they said.
Although with a child together, the grapevine had it that Rema wanted a wedding that would make things official with Kenzo.
Her songs, like Gutujja featuring B2C, became the gear in the rumour mill and all the banter about her love affair.
In the new three-minute song, Rema talks about her new found love.
“I have a lot of energy. I am so delighted,” she croons in the first verse of the song that is already topping charts on various local online music streaming sites.
As if to emphasise the apparent doubtfulness in past relationship, she sings, “This one is clear. It is clear on my side. I do not have fear.”
“He is daddy, Papa….. “My dream came true


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