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Presidential hopeful Bobi Wine has pushed back on comments that he will never be Commander in Chief of Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF) and other security forces —describing the comments as partisan by a senior officer in the national army.

The popular opposition figure Bobi Wine real Robert Kyagulanyi has tweeted his displeasure over the comments and blasted incumbent President, Yoweri Museveni of turning the national army into his personal mercenaries who are now terrorising own citizens.

Speaking to a congregation at Butologo hill on Wednesday during the fifth day of the NRA great trek code-named Africa Kwetu, Captain Sula Sserunjogi who is one of the National Resistance Army ‘heroes’
said he cannot think of life with the legislator cum singer as the commander in chief of the security forces.
“There are those coming with their trousers. You the youths should know that the president is the commander in chief of the army. You expect Bobi Wine to be our commander in chief? ”Capt.Sserunjogi wondered.

“It is unimaginable seeing Bobi Wine sit in the office that he (Museveni) is occupying. It is true this country has democracy but we can’t allow such a thing to happen (Bobi Wine being commander in chief).”

His comments, however, didn’t go well with a number of People Power supporters including its leader Bobi Wine.

Kyagulanyi took to Twitter on Wednesday night — blasting Capt Serunjogi over partisan remarks.

Kyagulanyi who has confirmed plans to taken incumbent President, Museveni in the next polls, said “We the people shall soon speak and the guns will go silent,”

“Why we must end military rule & establish a civilian government that adheres to the rule of law. Our Constitution commands that the army shall be non-partisan. But see what the Museveni regime has turned our nation into,” he said.


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