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Africell Uganda accountant manager for Western and Southwestern regions, Mr Kenneth Kaawe has been arrested and is to spend seven years in jail.

It’s said that Mr. Kenneth stole about $50,000 (about Shs185m) from United Bank of Africa (UBA).

The three justices of Court of Appeal led by Geoffrey Kiryabwire, upheld Kaawe’s conviction, sentence and the order to refund $50,000. The other justices include; Stephen Musota and Percy Night Tuhaise.

“We find the foregoing circumstantial evidence which the learned trial judge correctly took into account to be incompatible with the accused’s innocence giving rise to no other explanation other than that of guilt,” the justices ruled.

Mr. Kenneth was remanded to Murchison Bay Prison until November 20, 2009 when he was granted bail thus spending twenty five days on remand which was not considered by the trial judge while sentencing him.

The justice also noted that Kaawe abused the trust put in him by his employer who head hunted him and offered him a job.
The offence for which he was indicted attracts a sentence not exceeding fourteen years.

On May 17, 2011, the then Anti-Corruption Court judge Catherine Bamugemereire convicted Kaawe and sentenced him to eight years imprisonment and ordered to refund all the money to UBA.

Kaawe has been sentenced to 7 year in jail for theft and embezzlement.


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