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Last year ended with the news of singer Rema drowning in a sea of debts after apparently investing all her savings and selling off some of her properties to finance her wedding.

Her financial woes saw her car, a Toyota Landcruiser, ending up at a city bond.

Now Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has skilfully thrown a jab at her telling her followers to desist from trying to impress others by living beyond their means because nobody cares.

She shared a screenshot that read, “Do not struggle to shock anyone. Struggle to take good care of yourself and family. And live a lifestyle you can afford.” She captioned it with her tongue in cheek message that only rings the bell of Rema’s woes.

“2020 temwewanika kubyemutasobola baganda bange… Bino bintu byansi tebitumalaamu… Y’all run into debts tryna impress mfs… look, Nobody cares. Life is supposed to be simple,” she wrote.

It should be remembered Nwagi’s 2019 was full of misadventures from dancing badly with high school students, breaking a fan’s phone, abusing a journalist to beating up her maid.


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