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Religious leaders and other parties have called for peace during the festive season and asked people to restrain from violence during.

The gospel preachers said there is “a great need for another revival for Ugandans to repent of their greed that manifests itself in so many ugly ways and to be truly born again.”

According to the religious leaders include murder, domestic violence, marital infidelity, pornography, human trafficking, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, abortion, illnesses, untimely deaths from road accidents, poor medical care for women giving birth, preventable and treatable diseases are some of the things that were mentioned.

In his Christmas message, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali said despite church efforts, the country is still facing serious issues.

“Many parents and several adult relatives are so greedy that they go to the shrine and engage in witchcraft that puts children at risk and even worse, causes children to be sacrificed,” outgoing Archbishop Ntagali told the media at the Provincial Secretariat, Namirembe.

Archbishop Ntagali, who retires in March 2020, also castigated greed, injustice, youth unemployment and land grabbing.

“We have serious issues from UN’s pro-promiscuity, pro-gay and pro-abortion sexual agenda that are trying to infiltrate Uganda. Such are sneaking into Uganda through re-writing government policies as well as through UN-funded NGOs. We continue to say no to comprehensive sexuality education and fully support efforts to intervene on this matter,” he said.


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