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GNL Zamba, one of Uganda’s most notable and influential Hip-hop artists has done it again.

His stage name, GNL, a short form of “Greatness With No Limits”, has been attributed to so many hip-hop attachments and international awards. GNL Zamba is also credited with bringing the Lugaflow music to mainstream media in Uganda.

Lugaflow, which stands for Luganda flow simply implies Hip-hop in Luganda form, which he is a “God” at. He has also released a couple of albums. He has worked with other Hiphop notables such as Navio, Babaluku, The Mith, a few to mention.

GNL, who has been living in the United States with his girlfriend travelled back to Uganda earlier this month after being away for some time.

Ykee Benda feat GNL Zamba- Bomboclat Part  2.

GNL Zamba teams up with Ykee Benda to release “Bomboclat Part 2”. The lyrical strength and maturity he displays in the song also evidently shows that he is still the Lugaflow King.

The song was recorded at Kireka based studios, Mpaka Records, owned by Ykee Benda.

Notable lines from the track…

“Siri Sportsman naye bagamba Ye Ssebo/
Sinoonya nnyombo nga Mayombo ndi Noble/
Lugaflow Black Stallion etebenta eva mu stable/
Abo tebatusobola mu practical ne verbal/
Zamba ku mic oyita nnyoko nti maama nnyabo/…

GNL Zamba is also set to release his new album titled,  “The Spear” album.


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