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The Center for Food and Adequate Living Rights-CEFROHT has sued government and Uganda Communications Commission-UCC for alleged failure to protect the health of children.

CEFROHT, was founded in 2018 to promote social justice in food systems and health through the use of legal tools such as strategic litigation.

David Kabanda from Dalumba Advocates, which is representing CEFROHT, says manufacturing and advertising firms are playing on the ignorance of children to make profits, which may leave the children unhealthy.

According to article 50(2) of the Ugandan constitution to sue government and UCC for failure to act in the interest of the minors. Article 50(2) of the constitution provides that “any person or organization may bring an action against the violation of another person’s or group’s human rights.’

Kabada says that his clients want court to ban the marketing, broadcasting or advertisements of unhealthy foods for children in Uganda.

The suit is expected to come up in the Civil Division of the High Court on March 18, 2020.

In 2017, Coca-Cola and American Beverage Association were sued by Praxis Project- a non-profit group for deceptive and misleading marketing of sugar sweetened beverages.


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