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The Uganda Police Force-UPF has come out and said that all guns that are owned by individuals and private security companies, that will not be fingerprinted by the end of this year will have their licences revoked.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Edward Ochom, said that persons who fail to beat the deadline will automatically lose possession of their license, and will subsequently be arrested for illegal possession of firearms.

“The fingerprinting of guns has proven to be effective in reducing incidents of insecurity involving shootings. Simply because of the ballistic record in the the database is easily traceable to an individual or group of individuals, unlike in the past where no ballistic records existed,” Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga told journalists in Kampala, today.

When a crime is committed using a gun, forensic teams enter the casing into an acquisition station, where it acquires different images, like a firing pin impression, an ejector mark, a breech face mark. Each firearm tested, leaves a unique marking on the shell casing.

Police said DNA fingerprinting has the potential to solve gun crimes and even prevent future crimes by getting the most violent and active criminals for the vast majority of shootings, off the streets.


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