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Business owners in Nansana Municipality, Wakiso district are tempering with Yaka meters.

This was exposed on Saturday during an abrupt door to door operation dubbed by Umeme.

Eng. John Baptist Nuwamanya, metering services manager at Umeme who led the operation says they have found out that many clients had added several components to their Yaka meters.

This enables them to use the power for as long as they want without preloading tokens.He added that Umeme realized this after a decrease in units bought by clients in the area.

He explains that from their Yaka monitoring system, they had seen that most customers who used to pre-load 60 units had changed and started loading less than 10 units in a month.

He also said that some other clients had got a second direct connection. At Win Bet, Nansana branch, it was found out that they had installed two connections but utilizing the illegal connection and putting on the legal one once in a while to confuse Umeme officials.

The owners of there businesses said that it’s the Umeme officials that do carry out these illegal connections.

According to records, Umeme loses over 30 percent of the electricity distributed in the Nankulabye district which amounts to eight billion shillings per year.


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