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Over 1000 Ugandans get infected with the HIV virus  and 500 die of AIDS  every week because of the wide spread of HIV AIDS in different regions of Uganda this report was made by UNAIDS in the fight of  reducing HIV AIDS in Uganda.

1 400 000 people were living with HIV.
HIV incidence per 1000 uninfected —the number of new HIV infections among the uninfected population over one year—among all people of all ages was 1.4.
HIV prevalence—the percentage of people living with HIV—among adults (15–49 years) was 5.7%.
53 000 people were newly infected with HIV.
23 000 people died from an AIDS-related illness.
There has been progress in the number of AIDS-related deaths since 2010, with a 58% decrease, from 56 000 deaths to 23 000 deaths. The number of new HIV infections has also decreased, from 92 000 to 53 000 in the same period.

According to the  minister of presidency Mbayo  and the country director of  UNAIDS in Uganda Karusa Kiragu said that Ugandans should safe guard there lives in the fight of AIDS in Uganda .

The fight of HIV AIDS has a financial gap which the government of Uganda and other funders cannot reach out in supporting which puts the status of Ugandans at risk.


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