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Gulu University has been hit by shortage of academic staff leaving major positions vacant.

The campus is having 441 positions, 33 percent have been filled up out of the 1,343 staff which includes both the teaching and none teaching staff.

According to the 2018 Auditor General’s report, the University does not have the requisite number of academic staff despite teaching and research being its core mandate. The report revealed that out of 183 approved posts for key academic staff, only 37 were filled leaving 146 positions vacant.

Gulu University is one of the nine public universities in the country established by Act 7 of Parliament 2001 that Act was subsequently amended by Act 3 of 2006. The university admitted its first students and commenced teaching activities in September 2002.

The University has up to 56 running academic programmes offered across its Faculty of Science; Faculty of Business and Development Students, Faculty of Education and Humanities and Faculty of Agriculture and Environment with a current enrollment of 4,500 students.


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