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  • Uganda has hosted the second Annual International Public Health Conference at Hotel Africana on the 26th ,Nov 2019 .

The ministry of health in Uganda together with the African institute of  public health and Cavendish university have come out to fight for the improvement of public health services in Africa.

According to our interview with Dr. Diana Kanzira Atwine the permanent Secretary in the ministry of health in Uganda has encouraged Ugandans and Africans  to check there lifespan even when they aren’t sick yet .this will help in the reducing of certain diseases in Africa that spread and affect many regions

Prof.Okwuama C.Abanonbi the chairman, governing council of African institute for public health said that joining of African countries is relatively a good support in securing disease like Ebola and malaria which are highly spreading at a high rate.

The theme of this conference is “Resource Development and Management For Effective Delivery of public health

Prof J.W.Zaake from Cavendish university said that this submit will help in promoting different studies of students who want to promote there knowledge in public health

Local government’s and private sectors should aslo find out ways on how they have to lift the health of Africans from grass roots .

Based on our one to one discussion with prof .john F. Mugisha the vice Chancellor of  Cavendish university  has sanctioned Ugandans and different academia’s to give in  information to  the public on some of the killer’s diseases and how the are treated, over 1000 Africans die every year due to the lack of knowledge on certain issues that affect there lives.


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