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Over 25% of packaged food seeds in Uganda  like maize ,rice beans ,soya are containing harmful substances that are not supportive to the health of Ugandans a research has found.

Dr Roseline Nyamutale the country director of sasakawa Africa  has warned different Ugandans who want to spoil the African trade of Uganda with other countries

Sasakawa an NGO company which fights for the right of people to consume clean and health food in Africa and sensitizing the trade of food in different countries

According to our interview with Dr James Mulangila also from sasakawa said that Ugandan’s should be careful on some of the packaged foods they eat not only seeds but also other foods  cause most of them certain substances like Afro-toxins  which intoxicate the body by lowering it immunity.

According to the  2019 report of sasakawa  the trade of Uganda has decreased at  50% in the global trade of Africa.The government of Uganda and the ministry of agriculture are called upon to investigate on people who use harmful substance to keep  crops fresh .



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