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Yesterday, Police clashed with Dr. Kizza Besigye as he made his way to Kireka to meet his supporters.

Police and heavily armed military officers blocked the FDC conference that had been planned at Mandela National Stadium and chased away whoever tried to approach the stadium, this is what triggered them.

The angered the FDC party members who decided to match in a procession from Mandela national stadium to their party headquarters in Najanankumbi. Police tried to stop the FDC party members from proceeding with their procession on the busy Kampala-Jinja highway in vain.

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FDC party leaders decided to walk back in a procession which attracted high crowds. The police and military then resorted to using tear gas and live bullets to scare them off and stop them.

Party members like Kira Municipality Member of Parliament; Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, who is also the FDC party spokesperson, tried to be arrested but he disappeared away. Dr. Kizza Besigye, the former FDC party president continued waving to the crowd from his vehicle.

Police blocked his vehicle with the help of over six police patrol vehicles and tried to tow the car in vain forcing them to bring a breakdown.

Police later managed to force Besigye out of the vehicle and put him in a police car which drove off to an unknown location. Several other FDC party members and youths that had joined the procession were also arrested.


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