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Police Blocks Opposition Anti-Corruption Walk

Uganda’s police on Wednesday blocked opposition leader Kizza Besigye from leading an anti-corruption march in competition with one organized by the president. Kampala’s Metropolitan Police


Government Rolls Out New Wealth Creation Plan

The Government has set out a new plan to fight poverty amongst the youth but this time it’s targeted to specialized groups in a move

Politics Special Reports

Former Busiro South MP contestant arrested over extortion of Shs77m

Former Busiro South parliamentary candidate, Paul Owor. PHOTO/ FILE/ COURTESY


John Katumba Makes Huge Promises To West Nile

Independent presidential candidate, John Katumba has made huge promises to the people of West Nil as to establish an International Airport for the West Nile


Bobi Responds Ruthlessly to the UPDF Official who said he can’t be Commander In Chief

Presidential hopeful Bobi Wine has pushed back on comments that he will never be Commander in Chief of Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF) and other

Agribusiness Politics

Bobi Wine Describes Ban Of Red Beret

Uganda’s popular opposition lawmaker and presidential hopeful Bobi Wine has denounced the government’s banning of civilian use of red berets, a symbol of his “People


Niger’s Main Opposition Leader Jailed

Hama Amadou, the main opposition leader in Niger’s last presidential election recently returned from medical exile in France but has since hauled into jail. Multiple

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